Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the online store www.legendarnizbrane.cz follow the below mentioned purchasing rules, as well as current legislation and business practices. All goods offered originate from authorized importers and distributors for the Czech Republic, keeps the standard quality and is covered by a full warranty according to the applicable legal regulations and the warranty conditions of the manufacturer or importer. In case of weapon replicas these are only intended to serve as gifts and decorative items.

Ordering goods

By submitting the order with selected products the customer confirms the order to be binding and agrees to the Terms and conditions of the supplier. If the customer provides his e-mail address details when completing the order, a copy of the order will be sent to this address as a proof of acceptation of the order by the ordering system. In the first order, the customer will also receive a login and password for future purchases and to be able to check order processing status. If you do not receive the copy of your order to your e-mail address, please contact us as soon as possible.

It is also possible to order goods by telephone or e-mail.

The order is always considered to be binding for both parties, unless otherwise agreed.

Order is a draft of a purchase contract. The purchase contract is established in the time of receiving and accepting of the goods ordered.

Methods of delivery

Czech Post Package

Czech Post mail delivery is well known to most customers, the disadvantage is sometimes longer delivery terms. If the postman does not catch you at the place of delivery at first attempt, the consignment will be kept at your local post office (for a maximum of 7 working days).


The goods listed as in stock are normally shipped within 4 working days. In case the item is not available, or a longer delivery time, the customer has the right to cancel the order by phone or by e-mail without any penalty from side of the supplier.

Methods of Payment

Cash on delivery

Goods are sent to the address of the customer who pays for the goods at reception directly to the postman.

Bank transfer – advance payment

After sending the order, our ordering system will send you all details needed for payment, in the form of a proforma invoice. This information will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the order. After receiving the payment on the supplier’s bank account, the goods is shipped or prepared for pickup. If the ordered goods is not available after the payment is done, we will contact the customer to find the best solution.

Reception of goods

Customer or recipient of the goods is obliged to check whether the container is intact and the shipment in it is not damaged. The customer should in his own interest check if he has received the right goods and in case of discrepancy he should refuse to accept the shipment, or ask the postman to deliver next day, and in the meantime consult further steps with the supplier. Otherwise he risks longer and unnecessary delays in resolving the problem. In case of damage or other discrepancies after receipt of shipment, the customer must immediately contact the supplier.

Cancel order

Order cancellation by the purchaser

Orders can be cancelled by phone or e-mail if the order is accepted and the goods have been dispatched, within 12 hours after order confirmation. In case of late cancellation the supplier shall be entitled to compensation, especially demonstrable costs related to shipping of the goods.

Order cancellation by the seller

The supplier has the right to cancel the order or its part if production of the goods ordered is cancelled during the processing of the order, or if the goods ordered is no longer available in the Czech market. The same is applicable to unexpected and significant price increase. The customer shall be informed about cancellation of the order or its part. If the customer already paid the amount specified in the order, the appropriate sum will be refunded in the nearest possible term.

Warranty and claims

Any complaints will be handled in accordance with the 'Complaint Code' of the www.legendarnizbrane.cz shop and (alternatively) with the Czech republic legislative.

Withdrawal from the contract – returning of the goods

The goods cannot be returned according to the paragraph below if the customer took the goods personally in our shop. Goods cannot be returned if the customer is a company (entrepreneur, legal entity), because the purchase contract then follows the Commercial Law.

For goods purchased through the online store, the buyer - not an entrepreneur, a natural person according to the Civil Code – has the right to return the goods within 14 days of receipt of goods without any reason. Goods must not be damaged in any way, nor bear any signs of use or be otherwise rendered useless, and must be packed in the original packaging with all accessories. The goods must be accompanied by all documents, including invoice and warranty card. Then the customer will be refunded with the appropriate sum, reduced by reasonable costs associated primarily with shipping, handling and cash on delivery fees.

Responsibility for the objective correctness of the data

The supplier gives notice of the fact that the information on the website is partly taken from third parties and may include factual and technical inaccuracies or typographical errors and may be updated without notice. The supplier thus cannot absolutely guarantee the accuracy of the content.

The supplier shall not be liable to another party for damages caused by using information from the online store or linked web sites.

Withdrawal from the purchase contract by the seller the right to change prices

The supplier reserves the right to cancel the order or its part in the following cases:

  1. the goods is no longer produced or supplied
  2. the price conditions from the original manufacturer or supplier have changed significantly
  3. the price of the goods displayed is wrong (due to errors in the mass data processing, etc.)

In these cases, the customer will be contacted as soon as possible to agree on further steps. If the buyer has paid part or full amount of the purchase price, this amount will be refunded back to his account or address in the shortest possible time.

The supplier reserves the right to change prices. Actual prices are confirmed to the purchaser at the time of order confirmation. In case the actual price is identical or lower than the price in the order confirmation, it is not additionally confirmed to the customer and the goods is delivered for the price valid in the time of receipt of the order. If the price is higher than the price on the order, the customer is immediately informed, and he has the right to accept or refuse the delivery.

For phone orders the customer is always notified of the actual price of the order.

Final provisions

These Terms and conditions apply as stated on the website of the seller on the day of sending electronic order by the customer.

By submitting an electronic order the customer unconditionally accepts all terms and conditions in the wording valid on the day of submitting of the order, as well as the price valid on the day of submitting of the order (including shipping and handling costs), displayed in the catalogue of the online store www.legendarnizbrane.cz, if it was not demonstrably agreed otherwise. By submitting the order, the customer is bound without appeal.

In situations not covered by these Terms and conditions, the relationship between the supplier and the customer follows the law in force, particularly by the Commercial and Civil Code.


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