Michaela Merklová

Actress and singer Michaela Merklová is the main 'face' of our company since fall 2009. She is well known to TV audience from movies, TV series' and fairy tales:

  • Medzi nami (Between Us) - in the main role of Klára Kamencová
  • Krajina ako víno
  • Marana-Tha (in the role of the bride)
  • Paní zima (Lady Winter) - a fairy tale with songs (in the main role of Zuzka)
  • Duhová panna (Rainbow Maiden) - co-production fairytale (in the main role of princess Rosenka)
  • For more information please visit Míchaela Merklová's website

At present Míša Merklová hosts in the Town Theater in Brno, where she acts mainly in musicals.

Our company is very grateful to Miss Michaela Merklová for all that she has done for us.

Richard Skřivánek


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Míša Merklová Míša Merklová Míša Merklová Míša Merklová